About us

OÜ Kallaste Kalur is a fish processing company based on Estonian capital. The company was founded in early 1992 with the goal of uniting the local workforce and competence in the field of fishing and freshwater fish processing. We want to offer the surrounding markets the opportunity to buy fresh and high-quality raw materials and enrich the food table of our customers.

OÜ Kallaste Kalur is located on the western shore of Lake Peipus, on a picturesque sandstone. Natural and clean Peipsi is one of the richest fish-lakes in Europe, where about 36 species of freshwater fish live.

Fish are highly valued and loved both in local and foreign markets, as these fish survived and grew in a natural environment. Today the company has a good export experience in Switzerland, Canada, Scandinavia and the Baltic countries. Responding to the wishes and expectations of our customers, we set a goal to expand our export of products to the market of the European Union.

We mainly export perch, pike perch and pike. Fresh and frozen fillets (with skin and without skin), gutted fish can be ordered in our assortment, as well as the ability to export all fresh fish to the European market at a temperature of -2 to +2 ° C. The products have the option of individual freezing (IQF) (individual rapid freezing) and block-freezing. The fish is frozen at -40 ° C, and storage and transportation is carried out at -18 ° C. The products can also be packed in vacuum bags of 0.5-2.0 kg.

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We process and sell mainly perch, pike and pikeperch, We offer chilled and frozen fishes.

Chilled products range from -2 to +2 ° C, polystyrene packed in boxes 5-20 kg with ice, perch can also be packed in vacuum packs.

We can quickly freeze fish at -40 ° C, which ensures a high quality of fresh fish. Storage and transportation are carried out on blocks -18 ° C, 10 kg, wrapped in plastic and cardboard boxes.

It is also possible to make a single freeze with IQF glazing 10% (ice) packed in a box with a net weight of 4.5-5.0 kg. Fillet can be packed in vacuum packaging without glaze. Products are divided into four categories of whole fish, gutted fish (removed intestines), fish carcass (the bowel and head) and fish fillets with and without skin.


We have several certifications, you can read more about them.